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Seed by Rob Ziegler

This had a good enough page on Amazon that I bought it from SFBC. It's much more loose than I expected. Post-apocalypse has put everybody on our continent under the toe of Satori. Satori is a dome that looks like legs and bones and tendons, and can be changed in minutes by the order of the brain. Satori actually started with some human founders, but she'd hung them up near the top of her dome and keeps them so she can run things using their faces.

A number of clones come from Satori and it turns out that while all of them are working against her, they also plan to kill off all the humans. They don't need humans; after all, they're a lot more trouble than the clones.

The few sections of the book never really come together and there's never really a good finish. However, I love the picture of the front. You'll note that not only does Rob Ziegler mention Bacigalupi in his Acknowledgements, but a review from Bacigalupi is on the front page muddling a part of the picture.
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