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Asimov's October/November 2012

I'm taking this to bookgroup tomorrow so I want to talk about it, and did the last two of the bookgroup's. There's still some that I read for myself and I'll keep trying to get them in.

Williams has an editorial on how SF has scarred children. I was surprised because they never scared me, but they really took to her. Kelly goes on to discuss technologies that copy real-life and wonder if they really will be real life.

I liked:

1. The Mongolian Book of the Dead by Alan Smale -- an American gets caught in Ulaanbaatar when the Chinese roll in. They're apparently very skilled because every thing is changed immediately. The American is pulled out to help put the Mongols back in place -- will he live?

2. The Second Engineer by Gary Rinehart -- The engine room on a large spaceship has a voice trying to get the engineers to follow what it wants. Why?

3. A poem -- The Season by Ken Poyner -- what do crabs look for in Virginia Beach?

4. Chromatophores by John Alfred Taylor -- four people start out being a different group than other people and then even their group is different.

5. Shattering by Steve Utley -- a man leaves his wife to leave the system and then finds where he is.

6. The Stars Don't Lie by Jay Lake -- I thought the beginning of this was plodding, but it moves to encourage a couple of people to really find out what was in fantasy.
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