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The Gift of Fire/On the Head of a Pin by Walter Mosley

I read an excerpt of one of Walter Mosley's books in another book and can't figure out which book that was. The excerpt, though, was supposed to be SF, and it wasn't. A nice bit of text, but not SF.

When I saw this book on SFBC, I decided to get it -- it even worked out that with the pricing, the book itself was free. One of the interesting and amusing things about the book is that each novel has it's own side. I don't know if someone at Tor thought of that or not, but it's set up very nicely. Ah, there's pictures and excerpts at Tor.

There's also very good pencil illos through the books, but no signatures or name in the front.

I chose to read The Gift of Fire first and it felt a lot like a Christian cult, making the Titan Prometheus like God and our protagonist like Christ. I could have taken just about any page and pointed it at the Bible or news.

On the Head of a Pin is a real SF story and my first thought was that it was similar to Connie Willis' "Remake." But the more the short novel went on, the more it had ideas from a lot of books I've read, but they were worked together very unusually. I'd certainly like to have a Sail that would let me see things in other dimensions as long as the Pentagon doesn't think they need it and want to ruin me.

I really liked this and definitely recommend it.

I made a big emission here and posted about it here.
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