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More Refrigerator

The guys who brought the new fridge asked me to come out -- they showed me essentially the same problem with the new fridge. It's smaller and the tech was coming two days later, so I just had them put the door on. I spent a lot of time hauling things back to where they go and resting because I was expecting them to swap refrigerators.

The tech came today, and it turns out that the twisted seal isn't a problem -- it could be cut out, it's for show. He used a temperature reader to see what the freezer was, and at -5, it's definitely freezing. I guess I was just seeing & feeling rather than using data.

Of the four places I get weather info, two have 80s for today and Friday and two for all week. It'd be easier to be sure which is right, except that each two has a local station and a TV/newspaper station. I'd really like to go out all week.

I actually found a duvet set that I really liked (I'm almost down to just one set), but it's Ikea and they don't do online shipping for that. They don't do online shipping for a lot of things. However, if I read the Handicapped para right, I can go, tell them what I want, and they'll bring it to me to buy. I'll have to call and be sure.

Just in case you're not reading Curiousity's twitter.
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