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Marilee J. Layman

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04:33 pm: I Recommend Peapod

I explained what had happened, that I didn't want to put new food in a freezer that wasn't working, and she immediately offered to see if they could waive the $50, and they have! They don't have a space to put the delivery in until Sunday, but at this point, I think I'll just get enough food brought in for a couple days -- maybe the Thai or Chinese that I really like. Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday are supposed to be 80s (82 on Monday!), assuming the most local station is right, and it mostly is, since wunderground here is about a mile from me.

I'm still going to have to take stuff out of the current fridge except the ice cubes and the tea pitcher. I can grab those out when I see the truck and it won't kill me to pay an extra 24 hours (at the most) of power. The yellow thing with the fridge says it'll cost me $51 a year, although it would be too much trouble to set up to check that out.

I don't know if Peapod is near you, but I can't always get my food, so the small increase in cost isn't that bad.

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