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The Children of the Sky by Vernor Vinge

This is the third and last book of Vinge's ZONES OF THOUGHT SERIES and I'd like to talk about the series part of it first. The first, A Fire Upon the Deep, was published in 1992; the second, A Deepness in the Sky, was published in 1999; and The Children of the Sky was published in 2011. My problem with these in this order is that the ending of the first slides right into the beginning of the third. The second one happens thousands of years earlier and is interesting in itself, but is a little weird in the middle. There's only one person who is in all three books and he's primarily in the second, and peripherally in the others. I don't know why Vinge did it this way.

The Children of the Sky has the first batch of kids that were born or warmed up on the planet start to get old enough to not only think they know what's best (ha!), but to set up a secret group to follow their belief. When the bad people show up and the kids can't do anything and have to appeal to the adults, well, things really shoot off.

Of these, I like the first best, and if I think of it as not part of the series, I also like the second.
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