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21-Year-Old Refrigerator Dies

Well, I knew that would happen soon. I ordered a new Kenmore that is very similar to what I have except that it comes out from the counter a bit more, and I ordered the old one to be taken away. I asked, thinking I was making a joke, if I could leave the dead food in it to be hauled away, and I can! The soonest the new one can come is Tuesday, but I have a nephrologist appointment that day and it's the last 88F for a while (tomorrow and Tuesday are what's 80s, but right at the top), so it's coming Wednesday. That will give me plenty of time to check what's in there and what I'll need to replace.

I've been having a lot of pain and I was wondering if I could get groceries Monday or get Peapod's minimum order. Well, now I know which one, and it's not going to be the minimum order! I'm not too worried about eating -- I have a fair amount of canned stuff -- but I usually give the cats half a can of wet food a day and that means the half-can for the next day comes from the fridge. I think the next three days they'll get full cans.

Some other things:

If you have an iPhone and want to see the DC sights, the WashPost has developed a free app.

(Heh, I just checked the confirmation in my email and even though I spelled it out several times, my first name in the email and with my credit card info is Merlee. My edress is obviously fine.)

I had an interesting string of bloody events last weekend. On Friday, I had labs and the phlebotomist left me a long blood-filled tube at my right elbow. On Saturday, I was at the library for bookgroup and putting down the extending handle of my rolling cart while I was talking to someone else, and didn't notice that a part of my right arm just under my wrist was a little close, and I got a completely bloody almost round part. Early on Sunday, I was moving clothes from the hamper into the washer and hit my right shoulder on the washer latch, and Sunday night, I was trying to cut Loki's claws and got all but three before he got a paw with claws in my right cheek, just under the skin.

The blood at the elbow is gone. The mark at my wrist has gone down to just a scab in the middle and a faint pink circle around that. The scratches on my shoulder aren't there. I was able to grab Loki's paw and pull the claws out the way they came in so there wasn't much damage. There's still tiny scabs where the claws went in, but the swelling is gone.

I cut this out of a flier because I thought you'd like it. There's a green bead & gold-colored necklace, bracelet, and earrings. The caption is "Believed to bring happiness and fortune." Then the description starts with "The faux "jade" beaded...". Well, if the jade is fake, what about the happiness and fortune?
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