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The Cats & Me

They're getting better at doing things together -- like curling up next to my back last night with their bottoms together -- and they actually sat in the recliner together once!

It turned out that they weren't going into the carrier when they were scared, they were trying to both sit on the top, so I got them a couple of brown beds (the larger sizes). Junie sits there fairly often just because it's a nice bed, but Loki is still a little nervous about it. Then again, he's been staying with me when the storms come through.

Loki is really playing with the balls and I love seeing that; I wish Junie would stop stealing the balls he's playing with, though!

It's been 90F and higher for the last week or so, which kept me indoors (not supposed to go out when it's 90F or higher and/or Code Orange or worse), but there's three days in the 80s: I got a lot of things done today, tomorrow is bookgroup, and I'll get groceries on Sunday. Then we have at least another week of 90s. I've been going out to get the mail when it's lower than 90, but I keep coming back and cough for 15 minutes. I've started putting hot water with lemon and hard candies on the end table so I can stop coughing as soon as possible.

I don't know exactly why this happened, but I had disasters with both my Quicken and the database for my bookbase. It happened when I had Quicken running a check and was editing bookbase. Quicken lost the names of each line and bookbase had only a bit of strange characters at the top. Well, I have a CD to upgrade Quicken to 2012, so I picked up the flash drive that was in my safety deposit box and while I'm inside some day, I'll put the old database & Quicken on to work on. Quicken will get the "new" stuff from the credit union, so that's not too bad, and and I can, by hand, bring the bookbase up using SFBC and Amazon.
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