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Look a couple posts down and see something similar. There wasn't anything under the latch in the clusterbox on Tuesday, but there was two of the orangish USPS papers. One tells me that I have two packages in the large parcel locker, but I can't find the keys in the box. I go to the large locker, and my packages are there, but so are the keys, left in the lock. Good grief, they might as well bring it to the stoop, just like UPS. And then the other paper has scrawled on it that there's a package too big for the parcel lockers and it's at the post office. Well, the paper lets me mark it that I want it delivered to my condo and where, and to sign it. I did that and when I finally got home last night, I taped the paper to the end of my box so it will turn out when the delivery side is open, and be obvious. I'm curious what's going to happen with that. (I know the package has the beds for the cats.)

Last night I took the trash & recycling out and then headed for the credit union because the ATM didn't work the last time I went. I saw a lot of people watching our fireworks on my way. I got the money and then headed home. The fireworks are supposed to go until 10:15pm, so I headed back through part of Old Town -- the normal way I come home from that direction -- and the fireworks had been stopped while I was up the road because the thunderstorms had started. Normally it takes me five minutes to go between the credit union and home, but it took me an hour last night. If I'd known that, I could have gone a different way and gotten home much quicker.

The cats were scared of the fireworks and the thunderstorms and I couldn't even get Loki out of the safe spot in my closet for a couple hours after it all stopped.

We're expected to be in the 100s until Monday, with Sunday at 105F! Then Monday through Friday shows high 80s and then back up to 90s. I'm already home longer in one batch than any other year, and now there's larger batches.

(The news says someone dropped an old grenade to a Maryland fire station and the station had to evacuate.)
Tags: atm, errands, fireworks, high temps, long trip home, packages, scaredy cats, usps

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