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Good Days, Bad Days

Last Monday I did the laundry, as I posted, but I also got the books that I don't want to keep out of the bookshelf. I had two where I wasn't sure and I read 20 pages of each and put them in the rolling cart with the others to go to bookgroup (and took them out of the bookbase).

Then I did something I've been planning to do. The middle drawer on the back of the bed has been empty for a while so I moved everything a drawer down and left the middle on the front side empty. I took both it and the drawer near the head there and put them on the bed on towels. I got as much fur as I could from under their places and then cleaned both drawers out. I moved about half the things from the top drawer to the middle drawer, using the plastic baskets I have left from when I sold Bali. I have all the real medical stuff in the top drawer and the other bed things -- people wrap, cat snackies, hair things -- in the middle drawer. It's been great to be able to just stick my hand in the appropriate drawer and get what I want instead of rooting around in the top drawer.

On the other hand, in the last five days, I've accidentally hit four of the plastic tumblers I'm already using and knocked them on the ground. I had to move to the plastic ones because I'm not supposed to clean up broken glass (I'm keeping those, just in case) and I don't want to call someone in the middle of the night to come help. I moved to the six Tupperware ones I had long before I got sick. I used them for picnics or backyard meetings and so forth and they do come with tops. Six isn't enough because I usually run the dishwasher when it's full every 10 days or so and I got four more that aren't quite the same, but still have tops (with openings for straws). So now I'm moving to those. They'll be better than using towels to dry lots of things off, but I'm starting to feel like I'm incompetent. I know that's not true, but I never planned to have to move back down the years this soon.
Tags: book removal, changing to tupperware tumblers and usin, moving and organizing bed drawers

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