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Incompetent USPS

Last week, I got the Monday and Tuesday mail in, but I went out very early Wednesday (too hot in the day) with the trash & recycling and when I saw the mail truck go by, I figured I'd just pick that mail up on the way in Thursday from the new psych (seems pretty good so far). I stopped on the way in, and something has been shoved under the latch. I wiggle the latch, but can't get it to move towards me at all. When I come in, I look up the number to call and that person gave me the number for my post office (now in my sim).

I called Friday as soon as they opened and she said my part of the city was under the other supervisor's responsibility and she would give her the info. I called again right before they closed and she'd forgotten what she'd told the other supervisor so I gave it to her again. By then there was three days of mail in the little cluster box and I was pretty sure it wouldn't fit Saturday's in. Well, on my way to bookgroup, the latch was still blocked. On the way back, the latch worked! But the box was empty as was the open large parcel box. No mail on my stoop or porch, and the USPS was closed. So I went to the USPS very early this Monday and when a woman called for people who were picking things up, I went over. I explained and she got a big pack of mail (I meant to take James' tote bag in, but forgot), checked my driver's license letter by letter, and then asked me if I'd picked up my mail. I told her that the latch was blocked so I couldn't get my mail. We went through that four times and then I said the supervisor could probably figure it out and she let me leave with the pack.

It turns out that the person who brought the mail last week was a substitute and didn't realize that when people say the latch is blocked, it's true. This is the fourth time this has happened; the first time was my regular guy and when he was notified, he brought me the mail and apologized like crazy. He's back this week, but I can't go out until next week (supposed to be near 100 tomorrow), so I'll have to tell him about it then.
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