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The Locator: The Knowland Retribution by Richard Greener

I'm putting this one in out of order because I'm taking it back to the library tomorrow. I don't know if any of you watched "The Finder" on Fox, but everything says it was "loosely" based on books by Richard Greener. I really liked "The Finder" so I decided to read the first book.

When they say "loosely", they mean they're connected by a thread. "The Finder" has a retired military guy look for people or things and pay him. He has interesting people around him, but he does something like 90 percent of the work and always gets results. "The Locator" looks mostly for people, except he only did things about 5%. The rest of the book has lots of other characters, some of whom get results and some of whom don't.

This is one of those books where they didn't use people to check spelling:

Frequent sharp turns forced him to break.

"I'm really sorry, sir, but can you bare with me for a minute?"

If those were the only problems, the book would just be a bit funny. I don't think it's even that good.
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