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Very Strange Extended Weekend

I had an appointment Friday with the rheumatologist and she gave me a shot of cortisol in my left shoulder because I could barely move that arm. She told me not to lift anything heavy for three days (which is why I didn't go get groceries today), but I started having problems moving it at 2.5 days. She noticed I'd had trouble finding words twice and I told her I was just getting stupid, and she said, no, I had fibromyalgia. I'd had that diagnosed at least a decade ago, but I didn't believe it. My friends who had it were very fuzzy. Hmmmm. Stupid vs. Fuzzy. I suppose she's right. I do hurt in all the right places.

When I stopped to get mail on the way in after the appointment, I opened my little box and there was a kevlar envelope that held meds (all the envelopes are the same), but when I pulled it out, I could hear the pills bouncing in the envelope instead of in the bottles (two for one order). I opened part of the top of the envelope when I got home and both of the push-and-turn tops were in little bits. I put tape over where I cut it and put it on the foyer table.

Saturday and Sunday were all too much sleeping -- for any 12 hours, I'd be awake two. I managed to stay awake Sunday night until I might as well take the envelope to the local pharmacy, which I did, and she couldn't figure out what happened, either. She did give me a new set, plus she called the mail-order pharmacy so they knew what happened. I'd never thought of the mail-order pharmacy doing the mailing -- I thought it was another section out there in Reston.

I stopped for breakfast at Bob Evans and then came home, managing to stay up until 1pm. I went right to sleep except some time after that, I got a very odd phone call. It said Unknown, and I don't usually answer those, but I did and somebody who said he was Robert Evans, Bob Evans, said he needed to talk to me soon. Then he asked if he woke me up and that he knew my meds made me sleep. He asked me to call him back, I told him I didn't have his phone number, and he told me 821-446-2282. I did a brief search for that when I got online, but didn't find anything. I suppose he wanted me to know I told too much stuff online.

I went back to sleep and woke up at 7pm with both cats tucked in to me. It's kind of strange, but Junie always feels smaller when I don't see her. I'm up to 14 newspapers now, and am working hard on those, plus I have 32 shows/movies on the DVR. It's time to pay some bills, so I'll do that next.
Tags: 14 newpapers, breakfast, broken med bottle tops, cat news, cortisol shot, fibromyalgia, pay bills, rheumatology, sleep, weird phone call

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