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Ack! Computer Crash! And Me Crash, too.

Earlier this week, the computer wouldn't stop. I looked all over for something that might work, other than unplugging, and when I didn't find anything else, unplugged. It didn't want to start; it put a cursor up left, but nothing reasonable worked there. Finally Thursday I managed to get the Restore to come up before the cursor and spent most of last night working on that. LJ wasn't working -- I could get to a specific post, but everywhere else gave me 404. I figured I'd work on that today. So I booted up the computer, got a nasty comment and after I killed it, I carefully clicked on the Next button and it worked! So did other buttons! I don't know if there was an LJ problem or coming back up made it work again, but I'm glad for that.

This morning, I fell coming out of the shower. Did I grab the safety bar when I started to slip? Nooooo, I put my weight on the towel bar. It broke and I fell with my butt in the shower and my feet outside. It took me a bit to get my butt over the edge (I finally remembered that pushing on the seat would work better than the wet shower floor), but then I managed to slide towels to get to the bed. I got up on both knees, put my left foot up and pushed so my right knee got up on the bed. I pulled and pulled and pulled and got all of me up dangerously close to that side, and had my left hand under me. I carefully pulled it out and then moved so I was laying across the bed, just like I do to dry off. I lay there for a while, getting my breath back, then got more towels and got things put back, except the towel bar. I've broken that before and I know where to get it and how to put it back up. This is a good bit my fault -- I've left the bathroom rug off the floor until I get to the point where the cleaner comes, and clearly I'm going to have to put it back down tonight. By the time I got up from the nap, I found most of the bruises and painful joints on the right, plus most fingers. I don't think I need to see a doctor.

Then I took the trash and recycling out, got money from the ATM, carted a large package into the post office with stuff to send to Minicon, and decided to have dinner at Lin's China Bistro. I brought more than half home. I took the middle pain med -- real pain med, but not narcotic -- and went to bed for four hours and then ate the rest of the dinner. I took that pain med again at midnight because I can let it and the narcotics cross at small amounts.

I'm doing well at just reading the comics and a couple other things in each day's paper. I started at 30 papers and am now down to 22. I plan to get to 14 and start reading them completely, and see if the pile starts growing again.

We had a little girl who kept leaving her bike on the sidewalk and wasn't there when I was until a week or so ago -- I told her how I can't walk on grass or step down the curb and she apologized. I've seen her on her bike in the parking lot every other day or so and she waves and I wave back.

The next big thing I need to do is gather boxes and take most to the city's cardboard recycling tank, and find room for the rest in the workroom. That will give more room in the living room so I can clean there and the kitchen and down to the guest bath and call the plumbers. The tub in that bath is clogged -- I have a spiral drain thingie, but I can't get the plug out of the tub. The kitchen faucet is dripping -- probably needs a new gasket, since the faucet is 21 years old -- and I don't pay for water, but I'd still rather not have it dripping.
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