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Marilee J. Layman

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03:14 pm: Cat Genie Returned
Everything was going fine until Spirit's vision loss reached a new stage. She's afraid of the dark and shadows now so I put nightlights all over the condo, including one right above the Cat Genie. She used the dining room floor instead. I left the utility room light on all the time and she still wouldn't use the Cat Genie. I got out a standard litterbox and bought litter for it for her and the boys used it, too. Nobody was using the Cat Genie. Fortunately, I was within the 90-day-return-for-any-reason period. I filled out the return form online and got a UPS return label.

Yesterday, I cleaned the Cat Genie and packed it. Today I can barely move. I even took extra Flexeril last night so I wouldn't cramp, but I did have to spend a couple of hours in the recliner with the heat & massage.

I dropped it off at UPS today (I have a little trolley that I used), picked up new litter -- Feline Pine now that we're back to a regular litterbox, and had lunch at Chili's -- turkey sandwich combo (a half-sandwich with side salad).

It was probably a good thing that my ISP was down most of yesterday because if I'd tried to be online and deal with the Cat Genie, I'd still be online now. Today I just have to catch up on posting and reading.

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