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Speaking of the Kindle...

I bought the little original Kindle primarily for two reasons -- I could have books that didn't need shelves (mine are very full), and my arthritis makes holding books really painful sometimes. It's been working very well. I worried about dropping it when I carry it -- the newspapers I used to carry didn't damage when they were dropped -- but it's light and the case is good to hold on to. I wish it folded so I could keep it in a pocket and then fold it out to read.

I had been thinking about how to made a stand for it to use when I read because I do that sideways, both sides, in the bed. I figured out a two-direction cardboard thing to make, but by then realized that it's fine when I rest it against the other pillow up on one corner so I get the words at the right angle.

I don't like WiFi -- it doesn't have enough security and it's more expensive than wired. This little Kindle actually costs $79 or $139. The $79 puts ads and coupons on it, via WiFi, while the $139 doesn't. I worked that out well because I paid the $79 and am not using WiFi. For both Amazon and other places with ebooks, I can just download the file to my computer, plug in the Kindle, and move the file over.

The last time I saw the rheumatologist, I ended up reading the MIT magazine while I waited, but when I first came in, the receptionist asked for my list of meds (they ask everybody that, copy it, and hand it back - none of my other HMO doctors do that). I'd folded it and stuck it in the little pocket on the inside of the case. I realized later that I should just print it like all my Emergency Info pages -- post on the other side:

other side of this page

and fold it differently so it's seen when the case is open. Having these sheets (van visor, wallet, inside door, fridge front, with meds) has been really helpful in some situations, so why not put it in the Kindle case? I print it on obvious pink because I don't have any other pink and this makes it stand out.

I still like holding books, but all in all, I'm very pleased with my Kindle
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