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Asimov's February 2012

Williams talks about winning the Hugo, Silverberg goes on about Eddison, Peter Heck discusses books (including Charlie's Rule 34).

I liked two stories in this issue:

1. "The Voodoo Project" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch -- about a spy set into a situation that isn't what she expected.

2. "The People of Pele" by Ken Liu -- scientists are sent from Earth to a far human-supportable planet, knowing they'll never come home. The US keeps sending them messages, but the time lapse is bad enough that they make their own decisions.

and think this one is absolutely remarkable:

1. "Murder Born" by Robert Reed -- I'll quote from his intro: "What would have to happen for the public to celebrate, shamelessly and without doubts, the death of someone who had stolen an innocent life?" I foresaw a lot of the plot movements, but the way he wrote them really drew me in.
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