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And What Day is This?

I took the trash & recycling out on Thursday and got an email from my rheumatologist that I could pick up a narcotic (they don't refill) near her office. I did that on Friday and on the way home, stopped at a restaurant I really like, but their ramp is a disaster. I made it inside, ate, read from the Kindle, but when I came outside, near the bottom, I lost stability. I was able to grab the side of the van instead of falling, and then carefully went down the rest of the ramp (and a bit of unmarked ramped asphalt) holding the van. I came home and took narcotics and went to bed. I've been doing that all weekend. I've been up three times, two hours each time. Today I was up three hours earlier and now three hours and I plan to go back to bed.

I realized earlier that I'd spent a day and a half without food, the rehydration fluid, and the meds. I've been working on that.

I'm now down to seven late newspapers, although my hands hurt like crazy. I think it's the catching the van that did that. I had to stretch the fingers and hand and hold on tight. I'm pretty sure I'm not changing the sheets today. I hope to do it tomorrow or the next, but I do have things I need to do Monday through Thursday.
Tags: almost fall, bad ramp, errands, hand hurts, lots of pain, missed day & a half, plans
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