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First Freeze

We had the first frost of winter last night which usually means there's not much snow this winter. I hope that's right! It was 21F for us almost all day; the temperature got up to 27F midafternoon (that's what the TV weather guy said, I was asleep).

I haven't posted in a while because I usually work through email and a few comics and blogs first. I was really tired early this week and just didn't get to posting. This weekend -- Friday night to now -- I've only been up 13 hours and didn't boot up the computer. I just hurt so much that I'm using the narcotics constantly; although I'll make sure the next one is in a few hours because I want to go ahead and get groceries tomorrow. I hope that works out.

The cats have started laying on the bed where some parts of their bodies touch much more frequently, but they've also started chasing each other around the condo and at the end (small condo) turn and look at each other with big eyes. I think this means they're starting to like each other.

About halfway down this page and then on to the next, some of Barney Frank's fierce sayings are quoted.
Tags: barney frank quotes, cats, pain, tired, weather

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