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It's Getting Cold

Not cold enough to wear a coat -- I wore a turtleneck under a heavy sweater today -- but it looks like we've had the last of the warm. I picked up a book at the library today and I don't know where my card is. I remembered what I was wearing the last time I was there, and I bet it's in the pant's pocket. Good thing I haven't washed it yet. Then again, it's only a dollar to get a new card. I got groceries and when I opened my little box, I got a key for one of the big clusterboxes and it had seven boxes. I knew they were all coming, but not at once.

I had a quiet weekend here, getting more reading done and a bit of cat worship. Junie likes to sit on my lap, and Loki actually sat on my lap for about a second (jumped down from the cat castle).

Did you see how a batch of really expensive cars ran into each other to the tune of $1 million?

Beatley said she has spent years researching the abortion industry, which she says tries to get teenagers to be sexually active so they will have abortions later. Erm?
Tags: cats, expensive car pileup, groceries, library card misplaced, lots of boxes in the mail, strange antiabortion viewpoint, weather

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