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What A Price!

I did a lot of errands outside today and five of them involved getting out and back in to the van, so when I got three days worth of magazines, after I came in, I just sat in the recliner and skimmed through the ones I thought looked interesting or hadn't seen before. I ended up turning a corner down in two of the catalogs and I'll look at those again next week because I probably won't want them by then.

But in one catalog, I saw a piece of jewelry that amazed me. It's a loomed bracelet that I could make in an hour and then put the findings on in another half-hour. They say it has an "intricate pattern" and I've seen hundreds of more intricate patterns in loomed or beaded bracelets. So now that I've criticized it, look at the price. They've got to be trading on the fact that the woman is Native American.

I don't make a lot of bracelets and they're usually beaded rather than loomed, but this one is loomed and the pinwheel works (different bracelet).

This is definitely not a bracelet, but it's all loomed. I loomed the bag in a shape were I could just pull the warp (pink thread) and have it form that bag.

I still love this bag and the bag itself is loomed.

I sent this adjustable necklace to a contest and I knew the judges hadn't even looked at it. They noted how bad my peyote stitch* was, and that was because it was all loomed. :::sigh:::

So I not only have some more intricate patterns, but I used more expensive beads. (Feel free to look around in

*peyote stitch. (That's the bottom of a turtle bag, here's the top, and side.)

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