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Another Drugged Day

The thing is that the local people shelter, SERVE, has a regular list of what they need from the grocery store and my grocery had almost all of them on sale this week, so I bought about $70 for them and about $20 for me. By the time that I lifted canned fruit and veggies and the others, and moved them to the back of the van, and found a SERVE volunteer who would put them in the cart and take them up, I was barely moving. So I ended up using the narcotics right when I got home and went to sleep.

I'm doing a lot of little things today, as well as changing the sheets, because my pain is going down. I set up the Apple FCU payees section properly, I think. They didn't move things the right way from the FCU that I'd used for so long while it worked very well.

Tomorrow I have a lot of small things outside. Some could wait, but I need to put gas in the van because the top amount of gas points will go away on the first. I have 400 points, exactly, so that would be $.40 less per gallon. It's never a lot less than I'd pay without it, but I make the points so it only makes sense to use them.
Tags: apple fcu, errands, household, narcotics, pain, serve

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