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Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi, my review

I figured I should read this since the rest of the group did. It's much nicer than The Windup Girl. For one thing, it has a plot and TWG pretty much just has scenery.

This is in the future where pretty much everything has moved back to the 1800s because of the loss of energy. There's a place where ships have been left because they can't be used anymore, and groups of people take the ships apart -- ship breakers -- for what's there. The protagonist, Nailer, is abused by his almost always high father frequently, so when he and a friend see a new ship is out on the coast, and it's a real ship that was used, they go and find lots of treasures. And a pretty rich girl, .

They argue about whether they should get the rich girl out of the parts of the ship that were on top of her, or just kill her. Nailer decides to save Nita. Nita's family is a very rich transport company, but one of the ship captains and crew are trying to take it away. That's how her ship got on the coast; he assumes Nita is dead.

After some people-breaking, Nailer and Nita take the train to Orleans where she's sure one of her father's ships will be. It's a rough ride and then a rough time to find a place to sleep and work to get money. They find out that the ship in port is the bad guys from her father's company and wait until it's left and a good ship is still in port. The bad ship turns out to have a lot more skill and weapons than the bad ship does, but Nailer has ideas on how to fix that.
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