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Watching WALL-E

I did get out with the trash & recycling and then brought groceries home on Wednesday. My sleeping schedule has been a bit odd since -- I woke up at 6am today, which is actually a bit long since I went to sleep at 7pm.

I looked in my mailbox today and neither the Wednesday or Friday mail had my check, so I just put the current Max Headroom DVD in the box at the post office and had breakfast at McDonald's.

I'm down to only 11 papers to catch up with, and this week was good for that because there wasn't much TV I wanted to watch. I had WALL-E (which I really liked) on the DVR and decided to watch that while I did some more sewing on the fleece that will be the new cover of the cat heating pad in the kitchen. Junie had been asleep up on the crenellations, but she looked down when she heard me sewing, and jumped right down. She kept putting a paw out on the needle and I kept telling her not to do that. I had to pull some thread and took the accountant's finger-toppers off (four layers of fleece is too much for me to do with my fingers & needle -- there isn't enough friction) and then she went back up on the castle. When I put the finger-toppers back on, she came back down to get them again. Interesting.

Junie and Loki are getting a lot better at sleeping on the bed and touching. When I went back this afternoon, Junie had an entire back leg over Loki's side. (Later, Junie was a lump, leaving the tip of her tail out to wag at me.) I'm going to wash sheets tomorrow and then get groceries on Monday, assuming I can do those.
Tags: cats, errands, sewing fleece cover, sleep, watching wall-e

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