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My Kindle Came!

I read carefully before I bought it that I can get books, etc., from Amazon via the USB cable instead of Wi-Fi (which I don't have, and don't want to have), but it did take me a long time to find the info on that. Once I found the instructions, I downloaded the story I bought -- "What Fluffy Knew" by K.K. Rusch -- for $.99 (her note about the story says it's one people talk about a lot. So I figured I'd try that, too. I had Amazon send me a cover, as well, and as you might guess, it's purple.

I got groceries yesterday and today went to get the myasthenia gravis test after I did a lot of little errands. I was so tired I stopped at Marlin & Ray's and they now have crab legs! And one of their sides is fried corn cob. I asked what that was -- coated in spiced flour and fried -- and I took that. It worked well with the snow crab legs because everything I ate made my hands messy. (They had this Sea-Sheller that was interesting, but these are smaller crabs and I just broke the legs with my hands (no pain).) I might have to bring a bib next time. I was just having the salad when my phone rang and it was the rheumatology nurse. I saw the C-Reactive Protein from last week, and noticed it was higher than usual, but apparently the doctor hadn't noticed it until after she opened it to me. So I go back to my HMO tomorrow to submit another urine.

I'm getting sleepy and haven't read a paper for a day, so I'll try one of those before I go to bed.
Tags: groceries, kindle, labs x 2, purple case, sea-sheller, seafood, sleeping

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