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Seem to Be Running on a Four Day Schedule

I got out to the grocery on Monday and came home and napped. Tuesday I voted* and then did the labs for the rheumatologist. I planned to go to bed, but in 36 hours, I slept six -- two and four -- so the trash & recycling moved to Thursday, right before I went to see the opthalmologist. My eyes are pretty much like they were six months ago -- old-people things -- but I told him I sometimes have a drooping left eyelid when I get tired so I'm going to have another lab next week to check on myasthenia gravis. It's an autoimmune disease, so that makes it slightly more likely than me just being old and having a drooping eyelid. I have a bit of loss of vision and have to have a third of the pupil covered to have surgery, and that's fine with me. I'm still a little worried about surgery.

I managed to read the wrong book for bookgroup tomorrow. We're doing two books from the same author -- one this month, one in the spring -- and when I emailed with our leader, she told me all the mistakes the library made in putting the right book for tomorrow. Some of it is my fault, too, since there are places I could have checked. I printed a review by Cory Doctorow because it was the only one that went past a particular choice the protagonist makes.

Mike Dirda had a Halloween list of scary books.

*I had three contests I could vote on and I voted for both our incumbent VA Senator and the county/cities sheriff. There was only a Republican for the VA Delegate, and he was a bad person. He moved here from the county north because he thought they'd gotten too liberal. He got on our city board and drove through a lot of very conservative laws, getting the other board members to change their minds about what they believed. Then he went to state delegate and while he hasn't had as much opportunity to be putrid, nobody is willing to run against him when he's up because it would be a waste of money. I just flipped on to the next screen and at the end the computer asked twice if I was sure I wanted to skip a contest for which I could vote and I said yes, got the sticker, and moved out.

My right thumb has started to bend left. I can't get my index fingertip to touch it properly so I'm using my thumb and middle finger to squeeze ampoules and such.
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