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I Hadn't Noticed It'd Been Four Days

I'm having a lot of pain in my left shoulder so I spent a lot of time just at home. I spent a lot of time on Tuesday trying to get the big FCU that ate ours set up for me to grab new info from my accounts with Quicken. They want me to use online Quicken. I've been doing it by hand so far, but there are a lot of things I don't like about Apple FCU and I've been sort of looking to see what else is around.

Yesterday, I took out trash & recycling, swapped a flashdrive with the one in the safety deposit box (15 of us there and half the usual number of staff -- these folks are crazy -- at one point four of us women were sitting in a row and discussing all the things we don't like about Apple), took a return package to UPS, filled the tank with Shell gas with $.40 less each gallon, and had dinner at Jukebox Diner. I was so tired when I came home last night, I had the narcotics then. When I got to bed, I decided just to take one, since I'd already had a dose (eight hours earlier), but I had to get up and have another. I had a frozen dinner because I'd ordered a lot from Peapod to arrive today, and then went to bed and right to sleep.

I slept long enough today that I was up just an hour before the Peapod guy came. If they don't bring you everything, they don't come back because it will make the route slower. I emailed Peapod and told them that I didn't get the tortellini whole wheat cheese pasta. They'll take that price off my bill. I had to almost completely rearrange the freezer to get everything to fit in, but I'm in that same immediately post-Peapod delivery -- lots of food and hard to decide what to have first.

I have Friday & Saturday free this week while I have Friday and Sunday next week, so I think I'll have my hair trimmed tomorrow -- if I'm up to going out -- the fuzzy Cytoxan hair is getting closer and closer to the bottom.

The 10/5 WashPost had an obit of Dan Hoey including his SF interests.

Very cool map from space.
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