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Back to Pain

I was up three hours yesterday because every time I wake up, it's time to take more narcotics. I'm working hard to stay up today. Good thing I don't have anything specific to do this week.

My credit union is being eaten up by a much bigger credit union and they sent out a little book to tell us what to do. Well, changing Quicken was "Important" so I started that today, but it turns out that I can't change it until my new-credit-union card is valid, which will be 11/1. A bit strange. They do seem to have some better services than my much smaller CU.

The WashPost has picked up a batch of art people made of/for Steve Jobs.

A very smart dog.

Think kids should learn entrepreneurship instead of geometry?
Tags: credit union change, geometry or entrepreneurship, jobs illos, narcotics, pain, smart dog

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