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Ninety minutes there, ninety minutes for the EEG, and ninety minutes home. I was online for an hour and just got up from a 4.75 hour nap. Fortunately, I had the VCR watch NCIS and The Unit.

The EEG itself was interesting; the last time I had one I was in a coma and I don't remember it. The strobe, as it got faster, changed colors behind my eyes from red to blue. The tech didn't want me to fall asleep and I was heading that way, so I started reciting some soliloquys in my head and a bit later, she said "what are you doing" I said "reciting some Shakespere" and she said "just think, no poetry."

Before my EEG, I was sitting in the waiting room and an elderyly guy went up to the desk asking for directions and when the nurse said "243" and I knew she was wrong, I went up.

He'd used Mapquest to get from a few miles west of me to the Kaiser Springfield clinic, which is roughly ENE from here. Mapquest told him to go west to I-66 which curves south there, take I-66 north and then east to the Beltway, the Beltway south, then I-95 south and then the first exit and streets to the clinic. He was asking them for another way home and was questioning when I told him just to go south on I-95 and take the Prince William Parkway to Manassas. I asked and he knew where it came into the city. He wanted to know if I was sure that was the way to go, because Mapquest had taken him such a longer way and I told him that was the way I got there, but backwards, and the way I'd be going home. He said "My computer told me this" and I said "Your computer was wrong!"

When I was waiting to make my follow-up appointment, an elderly woman in line wanted directions to the Fairfax Parkway, which are pretty much the same. You just get off I-95 south sooner. But she didn't want to deal with I-95 and I told her I thought FFPY was probably on this side of I-95, too, and she could take local streets to get there, but I didn't know which ones. I don't know what she did because she left while I made my appointment. I hadn't expected to be giving directions.
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