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This was put in last week and besides not being online much, I wanted to wait until I had a chance to use it for a while before I reported:

1. The guys who installed it were very good, asking me things and following through, telling me the way to do something primary on the remote and then I'd undo it without being told. A lot of it is very easy. It was a good choice to pick a DVR that has two tuners for one TV, for me, because it let me copy those two and on my personal two all at the same time, if I want.

2. For the next year my payment will be just a few cents less than half of what I was paying Comcast, and the year after, it'll be about a quarter less. For that much less, I can do a lot more than I could on Comcast.

3. There's a lot of personal choices to make once you're familiar with how it works and what you want. I like that.

There's two difficult things for me:

1. The DVR gets the day's info from the sat at 5am. I'm frequently up at 5am. It only takes a couple minutes, unless there's a big storm between the dish and the sat, so it's not that bad. I'm just pulled from what I was watching sometimes. Then again, I can get right back there when the DVR comes back on.

2. The remote has three primary sections on it, with some buttons around the sides, too. The lowest is the numbers, the middle is movement, and the top is managing the programs and guide. It's big for me to carry, and for a couple things I need to move from one of those sections to another, which means I have to hold the remote by one hand while I push buttons with the other.

So far, even those small difficult things still make DISH better than Comcast.
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