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Less Than a Week This Time!

Less than a week and I've been somewhat active starting Wednesday. I still hurt a lot, but not as bad as before, and I'm definitely still sleeping a lot. Yesterday, I was awake for 9 hours and slept for 15 hours, and not all at once. I was reading a Civil Rights book that had a lot of good reviews, Carry Me Home, but she wrote stiffly and moved back and forth in the lives of dozens of people. I would have had to make a PERT chart to follow. So one of my errands today was to drop it off at the library. Last night I started reading a fantasy and love it. I rarely like fantasies, but I like the other one I have by this author, and am looking forward to finishing the story. Speaking of reading, things go a lot faster when you have four new glasses. One progressive, one computer, and two reading glasses with the one in the bedroom using a titanium frame. That keeps me from having to take it back to my HMO's optical, etc., clinic and get it realigned because I read on my side. All together were $142, when here, just the progressives would be about $450.

My credit union is merging with a larger credit union that has services in several places in the country, but is the primary ATM in the county above us. I've done about half what I need to for the change, but some things I have to take care of closer or after. We can't do anything 10/28 to 11/1. Part of what I did was paying bills about 10 days early, without my check yet, so I ended up paying some with a credit card.

Tomorrow I'm taking the trash and recycling out and try to get more things done.
Tags: book dropped off at library, credit union merger, errands, glasses, more active, reading fantasy, still pain

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