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Busy & Painful Week

I probably should have scheduled things further apart. Here's some notes:

1. Monday -- Grocery shopping, bought cricket-death spray

2. Tuesday -- Two DISH guys came, agreed with me on a dish and where to put it, and after they left, I was able to set up my own equipment and everything works. I can copy four different things at a time! The MrHandyman guy was coming the next day and I needed to move the litterbox and other things to the guest bathroom so he could get to the back of the dryer. I knew there would be crickets there, but there turned out to be dung beetles (I had to google to find out), lots and lots of dung beetles, too. I went ahead and sprayed, and kept the door closed all night.

3. Wednesday -- In the morning, I vacuumed and had to empty the trash part three times. Vacuums are good at killing bugs. The Mr.Handyman guy came and knew about a lot of things I needed -- his dad is like me -- and I have all overhead lights now, a new smoke alarm, the mattress turned 90 degrees so I could get a couple dozen cat toys out and he put the books* in, then turned the rest of the way, and he cleaned the dryer vent.

4. Thursday -- I drove about 25 miles to pick up narcotics, but the pharmacy said it was at Burke and I only go to Burke for nephrology. It took some time to put it together and then I drove home. I got some dead and live dung beetles with the tall broom and [duster[.

5. Friday -- The vet came and thinks that Loki and Junie are in good shape. One gained a couple ounces, the other lost a couple ounces. I went right to bed. My hips & hands had started hurting on Tuesday and just kept getting worse. Some more live and dead dung beetles -- they can get out of the toilet if I don't flush immediately.

5. Saturday -- I got up at 10pm, realized I hadn't eaten or had enough to drink, so I took care of that and went back to bed.

6. Today -- I didn't get the second part of the Sunday paper until I got up at 3:30pm. I'm having a lot of trouble reading both newspapers and books, probably from all the extra narcotics. Today I got fewer dung beetles and I plan to spray again tomorrow. When I've got a lot fewer, I'll call the cleaner from four years ago and set up a schedule.

A really good Tom Toles cartoon.

*Remember how I was going to put cardboard behind the arches at the bottom of the bedroom furniture? I thought I'd have to have MrHandyman do that, then I thought I had enough Tupperware that would fit and I could put sand in, then I realized I'd get sand all over the condo, then I thought of filling them with rice, and then, while I was reading in bed, I realized I could put books behind the arch. I did the secretary and the chest of drawers and that's worked well, so MrHandyman did the books for the end of the bed.
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