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Almost Ready to Come Back

I'm having less pain, although after the driving, walking, and bending on Friday, I spent most of yesterday on narcotics. I'm not going to watch "A Person of Interest" again -- I'm just not into that much violence; I'm going to give "A Gifted Man" at least one more viewing -- it turns out to be rather real. I'm pleased I can record two different shows and at least watch something already recorded with DISH. I'm going to keep the better VCR/DVR attached because I still have some personal tapes to watch. I should probably go through those, though.

While I was trying to subscribe to DISH online, I found a page that didn't make sense to me, so I called to subscribe. I wonder if they asked so much online. She insisted I give her my social security number or I would have to give a large deposit because they couldn't check my fiscal situation. The other odd thing was that she really didn't know some things related to her business, and she also said "Perfect!" as almost every answer to me. Because of my fiscal situation, I didn't have to pay for installation and a couple of other things. My monthly payment will be 37.40 for this year and 57.40 next year. That last is still $9/month less than Comcast, and DISH does a lot more. In any case, the DISH installer comes between 12pm and 5pm on Tuesday. I expect he'll install it on the west end of our roof. Then Wednesday the handyman is coming and finally, the vet is coming Thursday or Friday, but she hasn't answered me which.
Tags: dish subscribe, less pain, still narcotics, tv, week schedule

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