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Special Day

Today is the 20th year that I've owned my condo, and also the day my mother died in 1972. I like to try to do something volunteerish to remember Mother, so I spent the last two days working on it. My hands are better, although I'm still having trouble walking.

Yesterday, through the day, I gathered all the cardboard and put it in the van (except the box that had the modem/router -- Junie was very unhappy without a box), rested, gathered all the extra food and two 128M flash drives, put those in bags and in the van, rested, gathered all the cat things I don't need anymore, and then rested a good while. I managed to stay up until midnight, and slept until five am. I read a bit and watched some of the news and went back to bed at 8am and slept until noon.

Today I took all that out, in the same order, and the folks at SERVE and our Animal Shelter thanked me.

The modem/router came yesterday, but I was working too much to deal with it. I put it all together when I got home today, but it wouldn't connect to Verizon. I talked to Actiontec -- must talk to Verizon; and Verizon -- and the person who told me I could get my own should have told me that Verizon only does tech support with their own modems. So I sat and thought a bit. I turned the computer and the modem/router off. I checked both ends of everything to do with the modem/router and whoops! I hadn't quite gotten the ethernet plug into the modem/router. I pushed that in, started them both and it came up perfectly. So when I finish this posting, I'm going to order DISH.

Because of the way the condo is set up, I not only need to wait for them to send me the DVR (comes with the price), but I need to buy a little thing that gets plugged in an electrical outlet and, with another ethernet cable, into the modem/router. It'll send the data through the electrical lines to the DVR over at the diagonal corner from here.
Tags: 20 years in condo, cardboard, cat stuff, food, modem/router put in, mother's death 1972

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