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Another Note

My fingers, wrists, hips, and spine have been really painful so I've spent most of the days since the last post reading (as long as I can hold the paper or book) or watching TV. The previews of Playboy and Pan Am made me decide not to watch those, and I've watched three other new ones, all of which I planned to watch once more. I've now watched "Unforgettable" twice and won't watch it again -- law shows are a lot more interesting when you solve things instead of having a detective who remembers everything. The other two are "A Person of Interest" -- they're supposed to save people, but in the first episode, killed a couple dozen; and "A Gifted Man" where a rich doctor sees his ~gasp~ dead wife who is clearly going to try to get him to work at her free clinic.

Yesterday I went ahead and had my Visual Fields and had to be helped from the chair and down the hall. When I got home, I watched the news until 7:30pm which is when I went to bed and right to sleep. I woke up at 3am and have been up. I'll have to try to stay up as long as I can to get back on schedule. I spent three hours this morning reading my new Kaiser contract for next year -- some meds will be less, some will be more -- but most things are the same.
Tags: new kaiser hmo contract, pain, reading, sleeping, tv, visual fields

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