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Packages and Packages

I'm going to try to get offline even sooner than yesterday because then I watched "Castle" and then went to bed to read, going to sleep at 7am. I had the alarm set to 2pm, but when it went off, I just left it off. I got up at 4:15pm and after taking care of the breakfast for the cats, went to get money for the week and then the grocery. It rained whenever I was in the van, but just sprinkled everytime I got out.

I had a large package on the stoop when I went out and I just brought it in. When I got back, there was another package and two boxes plus a box in the big mailbox. The packages are all new clothes that I'll have to try on to see if they fit, the packages had a CD and toilet parts, and an SFBC Omnibus of Harry Connolly's Twenty Palaces books. The Omnibus is named The Wooden Man.

There were three SF reviews in the WashPost today, and like Sheila Williams' last editoral, people who review should have some information on SF already. The reviewer doesn't seem to get that Charlie's Rule 34 is a semi-sequel, that we already have 3D fabbers, and why he uses second person.

I spent part of the evening working on following directions to put the adapter on the VCR/DVR & TV, but I think I was right the last time. They want the cable to go to the VCR/DVR and a cable from there to the TV. That means I can only watch what was on the VCR/DVR. I'll call Friday, I think, and make sure that's what they meant, and if they will still give us the major channels, I'll keep the account. Otherwise, I'll cancel their account. I might have one of the satellite companies here -- there's no place they can put it up legally, but almost all of the people here with the antennas have them in illegal places. Nobody seems to care. And finally, I'll just go without TV. There's plenty online and I can sit in the recliner and watch.
Tags: book reviews, lots of mail/deliveries, rule 34, try to get to bed earlier, what tv company to have

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