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More Frigid Fingers

I did get to bed to read late last night and then to sleep at 7am. I wanted to get out to get groceries and then wash cat blankies, but I had to take more narcotics and didn't get up until 5pm.

Medical Records called and said I can come sign a paper and sign the paper I need, but I had to look at the week schedule and push everything toward Friday. Plus, PetSmart is starting a sale (not for everything, but for the dry cat food I buy) on Thursday so I'll pick the cat food up on the way to pick up the paper (the clinic used to be in the same shopping square that PetSmart is in).

I read the 9/6 WashPost so I'm just under two weeks of to-read-papers. I'm going to have to work on catching up. It hurts to type -- my fingers are not just cold, but the tip of my right middle finger and the tip of my left index finger hurt like crazy when anything touches them -- so I may have to take a day off every now & then and just read.

I've finished the cat blankies and the towels & sheet on the couch (so I can pull it off and have a lot less fur on the couch) and have the dishwasher running. The cats' water bowl is in there and just after I started the machine, they both went over and looked for their water. Oh well, when the machine stops running, I'll dry the bottom of the bowl, fill it up, and put it back on the floor.

I want to get to reading sooner, too, so I'll be skimming again.
Tags: finger pain, household, medical records, no errands, petsmart, reading, skimming, sleeping

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