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Again, Not Enough Sleep

I didn't get to sleep until 8:30am and I decided I could get up at 5:30pm, which I did, I've just been really tired today.

I went to see the new doctor -- I was there a bit more than an hour, but I don't know that she really got all the history. We agreed for me to take the statin half a day and see what happens with the lipid panel. I also explained the private insurance paper to her, and when she fills it out and gives it to Medical Records (they call it something else now, but I never remember), then MR will call me to come get it. I had an amazing problem with words and she did the test where I'm not supposed to know she's doing it. I knew, but didn't tell her.

I went over to Bob Evans for today's meal and got a salad (brought most of it home) and soup and an apple dumpling. I hadn't anticipated that the salad would be so big and it was a lot easier to bring home than the dumpling would be. They've changed their menus and it took me a while to find what I wanted. Plus, they have the calories, sodium, fat, etc. after each item, but no protein. The server wanted me to eat one of two new meals -- a pork chop sandwich with them being the bread-function and one with chicken parts. I had to keep explaining that that would be too much. So when he brought me the salad, he told me he left the bacon off because of the protein. I'd counted that in, but it wasn't a big deal.

I watched Sing-off tonight and then was mostly online while I glanced at the slimy Playboy show. No more of that. I taped the new Two and a Half Men and Castle.

The WashPost Health & Science section has an interesting article on how if peole get really old, they don't generally have more damage.

I've already added more stuff to tomorrow on the list, so I'll have to order them.
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