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Couldn't Type Again Yesterday

Friday night I got everything ready to take to bookgroup, set up the first half of Sunday's paper, made the grocery list, and started a new book. When I woke up Saturday, I went back to sleep until 1pm and then headed off, being only one of a lot of people who were late.

I had to put my gloves on partway through -- my nails were purple and my hands hurt a lot. I had a lot more problem walking all day, but things got a lot better in the warm bed.

After the meeting almost all of us (another new person) went to Olive Garden since they were starting the Endless Pasta Bowls. I only had one because I also had Pumpkin Cheesecake. I go more often in the fall because I like that dessert. I was having trouble walking at Olive Garden and when I got home, I just checked for email and went to bed. I planned to get up at noon, but turned it off and woke up at 6:15pm because my phone wanted me to take my second batch of buproprion. I didn't, since I hadn't taken the early batch yet. This is something I really dislike about this phone. The one before it would delete the alarm when I turned it off by pushing on a button on the side. Now I have to open it up and change it.

I've done the "morning" meds, put the rest of the Sunday paper in place (for those who live locally, there's one SF author at the Book Festival this week -- Neal Stephenson -- who will discuss Reamde at 2:50pm on Sunday, 9/25, in the Fiction pavilion, followed by signing at 4pm). There's a good review of Reamde by Elizabeth Hand.

An article about how adult authors have started to take some magic from teen books; Lev Grossman is included.

It turns out that if Perry gets a lot of money from a donor, he gives them a job or a license. Hmmmm

Virginia Hates Women.
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