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Ordered New Glasses

I was online late enough last night that I only got to read for a while and went to sleep at 6am. The alarm went off at 2pm, and I turned it off and thought for a while, getting up at 2:25pm.

I got the rest of the groceries put away and have the past week's bedding in the dryer. When I finish this, I'll put the fitted sheet on the bed.

I got out my last prescriptions plus the email about the ordering, figuring I could get the same frames -- because I really like them -- with my new lenses. Only one frame is still there (I have purple for computer & red for recliner reading) and it's only in beige and baby blue. I spent an amazing amount of time finding what I wanted -- something that looked nice, was the same color as before, and will fit -- and then paid $146.55. More than half of that are the frames for the progressive glasses (and their more expensive type of lenses) and the bed reading glasses. The other two, their entire totals were $14.90 and $11.90. They should be here in 2-3 weeks.

A baby nodosaur’s fossil!
Tags: household, new dinosaur fossil, ordered four pairs of glasses, reading, sleeping

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