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Asimov's October/Novermber 2011

Williams talks about how newspapers and other similar publications should get the right reviewers -- if the reviewer is going to an SF show or to read an SF book, they should know something about SF. Kelly had an article on steampunk.

This was a double issue and I certainly liked more than usual:

"Stealth" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch -- another story in her Wreck Divers series and while it wasn't exactly diving, it was a good part of it.

"The Man Who Bridged the Mist" by Kij Johnson -- on a planet that is probably not ours, or at least nowhere near our time, an engineer comes from a big city to a rural town to put a bridge over the "mist," which has beings in it that hurt people. The story mixes the bridge and his experiences in a very different place than where he came from.

"My Husband Steinn" by Eleanor Arnason -- a married troll tries to get our protagonist to marry him.

"Free Dog" by Jack Skillingstead -- it turns out that your ex-wife can make an informationized copy of your dog and spread it around. Is she trying to get back at you? Is there a question?

"A Hundred Hundred Daisies" by Nancy Kress (nice to have a couple in the same issue) -- near the Great Lakes, a corporation is pulling water from the lakes and sending it south. In the process, the farms there all died. While people try to damage the pipes, one little girl draws lots and lots of daisies.

The poetry I liked was:

"Extended Family" by Bruce Boston -- everybody is somewhere else, and all in Stfnal places.

"Galileo's Ink Spots Fade Into Twilight" by Geoffrey A. Landis -- how the world ends.

Two stories I thought weren't particularly SF:

"The Outside Event" by Kit Reed -- people go to a castle for a writing month. It's kind of like Clarion and Harry Potter. I knew the end on the second page.

"The Pastry Chef, the Nanotechnologist, the Aerobics Instructor, and the Plumber" by Eugene Mirabelli -- this one had no SF. It's romance. A pretty good romance, and it would make a good one-act play. But it's not SF.
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