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Sex Offender Gets Less Time Than Burglars

January 2006, the police arrive as a minister is pulling up his pants, standing over the woman he's just brutally raped, sodomized, and battered.

Yesterday, he got 16 months in prison. What the heck?

Well, first, the minister agreed to a deal that carried a 20-year minimum sentence, but then he realized it required registering as a sex offender and the prosecutor agreed to change the plea to something less that had no minimum and a 10-year maximum.

The prosecutor ended her argument by saying "I wish Mr. Marriott well. I hope that his wife takes him back. I am very glad to see his church and his community are still supporting him." The prosecutor!

The judge then sentenced him to what would be nine years in jail, except the judge suspended all but 16 months of each, and set them up to be served concurrently.

I don't live in that county, but I wish I did, because I'd be trying to get that judge off the bench and the prosecutor fired.
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