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A Bit Wobbly

After I posted yesterday, I was online until 7am and went straight to bed to read and finish the magazine I've been reading. I went to sleep at 9am yesterday and woke up for good at 10am today. I got up a few times for water or to use the bathroom, but I went right back to sleep. I decided to stay in bed until noon, to try and reset the timing again. I was too wobbly in the shower to stand, I had to sit on the seat, which makes washing harder. I was the same way getting Spirit's box of ashes and going to the grocery, plus coming back in. I rested in the recliner for a while and ate and seem better now.

I sat down at the pharmacy in the grocery and the clerk came to ask me if I was okay -- she's used to me resting there, but I didn't look very good. I told her I was just a bit wobbly, but I had the cart to hang on to. She was worried. She told me about a friend who has two polydactyl cats and what they did. She thought they were like dogs, and I told her that Junie insists on playing fetch, which is rather like dogs, too. By the time I got up to the checkout, I was completely soaked, and I'm pretty sure part of that was the wobbliness.

Spirit's little box is on the same set of shelves as the other four -- I cleared something else off for that. I only had two things that had to be put away, so I did that and everything else is on the counter. I was going to do the sheets today, but I'll try tomorrow.

I have 12 papers to read and many TV shows to watch on the computer. I really need to get to work on them. I don't read all of the papers because I read a bit online so have read a lot of the important articles:

Thirty-six light-years away, there's a planet that might be like Earth.

This is not from The Post, but it is from our county -- during and after flood.
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