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Another Day of Pain and Sleep

Really, all I did on Monday was sleep and read. I would have liked to sleep more, but I can only take narcotics every eight hours. My shoulders, my hips, my hands, my feet, my neck, just about every part of me hurts. And my balance is really bad.

I planned to go to sleep last night and get up at 10am or so and get groceries and take care of errands. But although I went to sleep at 11pm, I woke up at 1:25am and didn't go to sleep again. I tried a couple times, but I just couldn't. I may try the recliner tonight.

I took care of a lot of phone calls I had piling up because I've been getting up too late and then went to buy some yarn and get the groceries. It's raining here, left over from Lee, and the strength and type of rain has changed a lot quickly. I had hail at one point and two minutes later the rain stopped. Every time I came out of the rain, I had to dry off my glasses. My hair had still been wet from the shower when I left the house and was even wetter when I got back home.

Today's WashPost's Health & Science section had an article and graphic on exercising at work. (I was surprised when I pulled the graphic up -- the paper version wasn't animated!)
Tags: at-work exercise, errands, pain, reading, sleeping, weather

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