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Trying to Remember What I've Done

I think I'll just have to forget most of the timing of things, although I did usually sleep during the day and be up at night. Friday I took the trash & recycling out and got a quesadilla that was giant and very good from Cafe Rio. I also had their only soup, and I won't have that again. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't good.

Saturday I pretty much slept and read, finished Saturday the 27th, and cut Junie's front claws. She didn't like it, and there was a lot of growling, but she didn't open her mouth. I was eating and bit the left side of my tongue almost all the way through. I wasn't able to eat or drink until today, and it still looks ugly.

Today I stayed up until 7:30am and got gas for the van and breakfast at McDonald's. I picked up mail on the way back in and then went to bed to try and read for a bit. I got to noon and set the alarm for 8pm and have been online since. I'm going to try to stay up until a close-to-normal time tonight.

Are the tea party candidates Dominionists?

Nothing like a cartoon about Gerrymandering.

Bento lunches for your kids sound a little weird, and when you look, you'll find out a lot of them aren't safe to take to school.

Shaken-up opinions (see second one).
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