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Marilee J. Layman

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11:24 pm: Asimov's September 2011

Williams covers the Readers Rewards and also quotes what some people (Soon Lee) said on their ballots. Silverberg presents a strange method of emperor succession.

The piece I really liked was "The Observation Post" by Allen M. Steele -- back in the Cuba War period, a blimp was headed into a storm and found a small island with a mooring tower. Our protagonist did some bad things, but never got into trouble. Then, when he was elderly and very sick, something strange happened.

I also liked:

"Grandma Said" by R. Neube -- pretty much everybody is dying of three forms of plague, but there's one form that makes you survive all the others. Our protagonist is a cleanser -- after people die, he cleans up.

"Stalker" by Robert Reed -- you may need someone to sit by you when you read this, it's violent and predicts AI behavior.

"Stone Roach," a poem by Fiona Moore -- she follows the history and future of the roach.

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