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Flickering Fluorescents

I read half of the 8/21 Sunday paper last night and then went to bed to read at 4:3am. I set the alarm to 2pm (for finishing at 6am and sleeping 8 hours), but I turned it off at some time and woke up at 4pm. I had dinner at Ruby Tuesday's (the avocado quesadilla was very good) -- the last use of a 15% off coupon that I could use the entire month -- and then came home and got online. One of the long kitchen ceiling fluorescent lights had started to flicker a bit last week, but they are both flickering a good bit now. The original two lasted 15 years and these are only five years old. I'm wondering if the earthquake shook the connections enough to make the lights do this.

I'm really not getting much done; I've been moving things from one day to another and now tomorrow has four household things. I can't do too much on Thursday until I get up and read which two hours the food will be delivered, plus I have some things I need to do on the phone before 5pm. I need to set an amount for each solitaire and stick to it, whether I win or not.

I skim the front page of the WashPost Sports section, but only rarely read inside. This time, Tracee Hamilton (one of the columnists) was very good -- she compared the Weather Channel to ESPN.

I haven't had the problem these underpants resolve, but apparently they work.
Tags: eating, flickering fluorescents, not much done, reading, sleeping, technical underpants, weather channel vs. espn

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