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The Longer Story

This is the best picture I have of Spirit -- she's on the left -- and Shiva is on the right. Shiva is the last cat that died two years ago and Spirit was just crazy at not having any other cats so I got Junie & Loki from the Animal Control where it turned out that the person who brought them there lied a lot.

When I left Spirit at the ER near midnight on Friday, I came home and was online, read another old paper, and went to bed to try to read a story. It was clearly meant to be confusing, but I wasn't understanding so I put it down and went to sleep at 7am.

The Internal Medicine vet called at 11am and gave me the two sets of choices -- chemo or not, short time at home or not -- and I told him I'd call them back when I decided. I got up and dressed and in the process decided that euthanasia was the best option. I called and told the aide that. She asked when I could come and I said "Now," but she told me they were starting a surgery and it would be good if I came in 45 minutes to an hour. I said okay and was planning to read another old paper but I realized my stomach was growling and went on to Tony's. I had a Greek salad and cheese garlic toast, which covered the required minimum of calories, but I needed more protein.

When I got to the IM, I only got down about a half-page of the paper when the aide showed me to an exam room. She brought me Spirit who purred for me but her eyes kept shut. I talked to her telling her how wonderful she was and how much I loved her and so forth and then the aide came in with some papers. Did I want her cremated singly or multiply -- singly, of course -- would I like them to put her paw print on a poem that's meant to hang -- and I said no, which surprised her.

The vet came in, made sure I understood what was going to happen and since Spirit still had the IV connection in, he just put the anesthetic in and her head dropped on my forearm. He put in the euthanasia med and she collapsed. She was hard to hold because her muscles didn't work anymore and she felt much heavier. The doctor took her away and an aide from the ER brought my carrier and towel and told me they needed my card to give me money back since they didn't use all that was in my deposit. She was kind and went and ran it through, brought me the receipt to to sign, then brought me the card and the final receipt.

I came home and posted the one before this and was in bed by 4pm. I tried reading that story again and this time I understood it, but I kept going to sleep. I went to sleep at 4:30pm and woke up at 10:35pm. I considered turning the computer back on, but decided I'd do that today. I just sat and watched the Irene coverage (we didn't even have heavy rain this far west) while I read another old paper (I'm up to last Sunday, but in a few hours, I'll have a new Monday). I went to bed at 6am and had the alarm set to 2pm. I turned the alarm off at 2pm and thought I was just thinking about her, but when I looked at the alarm and it was 3:45pm, I had clearly slept some of that time.

I read all the comments and I really appreciate all the thoughts and feelings. They helped a lot. After that, I put an order in to Peapod, who will be coming on Thursday; I put an order into Vocelli to bring me pizza and their excellent cheesesticks; and I went through my traditional order to this point. Irene must have made the crickets come out because Loki and Junie have eaten about a half-dozen each so far.

One of the ads in the Sunday coupon batch said "Diet Iced Tea" and I couldn't figure out what that was -- you just make the tea without anything else. So I looked it up and lo! It it just has substitute sweetener. I ran through all of their teas and they all have some form os sweetener in them.
Tags: diet iced tea, irene, long version of spirit's death and my da, peapod order, picture of spirit & shiva, pizza, reading old papers, thanks for the comments
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