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Even More Rearrangement

I'd planned to go to bed very soon after solitaire, but I played one of the games for two hours and didn't win. I eventually talked myself to signing off, but by then it was 5am. I brought Thursday's paper in and read the front page of each section, then I read Tuesday's and Wednesday's papers of last week. I'm still more than a week behind. I got to bed at 7am and decided to try reading the book, but that was it. I stopped at 8am, very sleepy, and set the alarm to 1pm. That turned out to not be enough so I slept until 4:30pm.

I took the trash & recycling out, returned the book to the library, and had dinner at Marlin & Ray's. I got there at 7:30pm and it was so crowded that the hostess was serving me for a while. She and my server remembered who I was (after three times) and I warned them both about preparing for the hurricane. When people cleared out, I checked my phone and it was 8pm, so I'll come then the next time I come late like that. I was thinking I'd just stay up late, but again, I'm really sleepy. I'm only going to let myself play each required game 10 times and not play any of the non-required games. Then I'll work with Spirit and head to bed to start SF.

Before I left for errands today, I put a towel over my top, pulled Spirit out of her bed, and started giving her bits of wet food down her throat by pulling her head back. She dropped a bit out and I accidentally put the pill bottle top next to her mouth and she leaned out and licked while purring! I did that again when I got home from eating, and will do it again before I go to bed. It's only a bit more than a teaspoon, but I hope that will increase.
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