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Sleeping Through Thunderstorms

I caught up online last night and sat and watched the Hugo Awards. (Results) By the end, I was so exhausted (bookgroup, dinner, sitting at desk) that I didn't read anything and went straight to bed and to sleep. I was asleep at 3am and set the alarm for noon. When I turned that off, I just slept more, until 4pm. I'm not upset about that one, it was an exhausting day.

Apparently I slept through two more giant thunderstorms -- two people were hit by lightning last night and are in very serious condition, and this afternoon, a giant tree fell down in DC.

After getting up, I did the normal cat breakfat, but Spirit was standing waiting for me by the time I got to the recliner. I''m not sure why -- she has food and water. I do need to scoop the litterboxes. Other than that, I've been online and hope to get to bed and up at a reasonable time tomorrow.

Obama is reading a book I read a while back.
Tags: hugos, obama takes a book i've read to vacation, reading, sleeping, spirit wants something, thunderstorms

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